Saturday, January 21, 2006

Destination Weddings Welcome

Welcome to Destination Weddings!
"When home just ain't good enough"

Do you want something extraordinary? Tired of all the cookie cutter weddings going around? Well have a DESTINATION WEDDING. This is where you'll find all sorts of information regarding weddings in exotic locations, far far far far away from home. Imagine yourselves being married among a himilayian tribe, dancing the bridal jig of the gods while yetis howl in the distance. Or how about traversing the Amazon rain

forest before coming upon an ancient Mayan ruins! Then you are whisked away in a torrent of marriage ceremonies that gives you a myriad of experiences, from tasting savory foods made from indigenous Amazonian wildlife to the witnessing brutal divine sacrifices of the C'Thulu dance.

Now before you start packing right away, it is important to remember a few things for exotic locations like these:

1. Know the indigenous plant life so you can avoid the poisonous ones when scavenging for food.
2. Understand the water situation for the area. For instance, if you wedding is in the scenic Gobi Desert, be sure to you understand the principles of gathering water
3. Be sure to pack appropriately for your wedding.
4. Survival kits will help tremendously.

Of course these are just some basic things to get you started, more to come!