Friday, January 12, 2007

Welcome to CôTE D'IVOIRE

Welcome to Destination Weddings!
"When home just ain't good enough"

New Location: CôTE D'IVOIRE

This amazingly scenic country of Africa has had its ups and downs, but sure enough the beauty of the nation perseveres! Be sure to avoid the few toxic areas out and about. And after saving bundles of money on an extravagant wedding, be sure to stop by and provide some humanitarian aid to those in need.

A bride and groom should be aware of a few things about the country. When having a bachelor or bachelorette party in CôTE D'IVOIRE is keep in mind that the CIA Factbook states a 7% AIDS rate. Though it should also be noted, that like many statistics, these were:
  1. Gathered by the Government
  2. Done years ago in 2003.