Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome to Haiti!

Welcome to Destination Weddings!
"When home just ain't good enough"

New Location: Haiti

Even though the U.S. Government might warn against this beautiful location, cruising enterprises still travel here, so you know that safety shouldn't be a concern. Those worried about high crime rates should note that the statistics were gathered many years ago in 2004 and do not necessarily reflect the country today. Its also worthy to note that there are plenty of UN peacekeeps (pictured right) to also help provide saftey. Remember, weddings take place everywhere in the world and the joyous spirit of the celebration is the same, no matter the country. As a bride and groom, you can be sure the Haitians enjoy and appreciate the same types of wedding we enjoy in the states.

Now onto important wedding information! If you're not feeling adventurous, you can go to Labadee, an island owned by a cruise line. Here you will find beaches, water sports, and a Haitian flea market, of course you'll have to work out details with the cruise line to get married there. They're very negotiable.