Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Welcome to Cambodia!

Welcome to Destination Weddings!
"When home just ain't good enough"

New Location: Cambodia

While most would not think the former territory of Khmer Rogue interesting, you should note that Cambodia is quickly becoming modernized. Despite their modernization, there are locations outside of Phnom Penh that maintain their cultural elegance.

While avoiding the killing fields and shrines full of skulls (pictured left), you might find some nice beaches where you can immediately frolic in the sand after a beautiful wedding ceremony (pictured right in Koh Rong). The pricing in Cambodia will fit almost any wedding budget.

You can also go to
Sihanoukville which also sports a popular beach for foreigners and an international airport! This ideal destination wedding location will get you started in you new life in an exciting way as you tour famous park sites and enjoy the local peoples!

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