Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Who knows about Fiji?

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A site dedicated to "normal" destination weddings, offers Fiji to brides and grooms with "Miles of empty white beaches" and "a horizon of sapphire sea". They probably didn't know that it also classifies as a "special" destination wedding with this US travel warning! Be sure to ask your guests to pack appropriately!

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traveltravelfargo said...

Set in the southwest Pacific, like cluster of glistening diamonds, Fiji comprises 330+ islands and a thousand miles of white sand beaches and picture-postcard water. It is a land blessed with year round brilliant sunshine and soft white beaches lined with towering coconut palms. An infinite expanse of turquoise and cobalt blue Pacific Ocean continually caresses coastlines and is home to myriad hues of coral, swaying gardens of underwater plants, and schools of magically colored tropical fish.

Just as beautiful as this enchanting group of islands are the people; perhaps the warmest, most hospitable people in the world. Although the entire South Pacific is renowned for its cleanliness, purity and friendliness, Fiji is an easily accessible area where these virtues really shine. The care Fijians lavish on their guests is legendary, their smiles a second nature.

When choosing the area you would like to visit, a good rule of thumb follows: Draw a line north to south through the middle of Viti Levu. All the islands and properties to the right of this line have the best diving. All the islands and properties to the left have the most beautiful beaches. But be assured, there are lots of exceptions to this rule. The main island of Viti Levu will probably provide you with the most economical trip since many of the resorts have SIV transfers and that keeps the costs down. However, we recommend spending some time on one of the outer islands as these "roads less traveled" will provide the most ecological and cultural purity.

Fiji's tropical climate has the highest sunshine factor in the South Pacific. The Coral Coast is home to Fiji's most popular resort hotels. Sand dunes, archaeological ruins, pottery villages and temples dot the landscape while spectacular diving and snorkeling opportunities await you offshore. Traveling to Fiji includes crossing the internal dateline tonight.

Today "disappears" but will be regained on the return flight home.

If you want more information just let me know. I know the best place to book your trip to Fiji that will find the lowest rates for you!